Autumn / Winter 2018/19

04651 Sylt Men's Fashion Collection

A trip in a bag

Sylt as simple as it is

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,A trip in a bag ‘– that’s the philosophy of collections and brand. Finest quality, special connectivity to nature and a touch of luxury – all packed in a weekender to spend a weekend in the most beautiful of all North Sea Islands.
The perfect 04651 / day? Waking up to a fresh North Sea breeze every morning and starting into the day with the warm, comforting feeling of home in the heart. The rough sea on one and the peaceful Wadden Sea on the other hand – to produce moments where time seems to stand still, at least for a moment.
“When I think of Sylt, I think of the beautiful beaches, the North Sea and this very special way of life which for me only exists on Sylt. People are having beautiful vacations and guard the memory of it like a treasure. Additionally Sylt stands for luxury and exclusivity, the longing for things that you can treat yourself with.” Tells us Lars Braun about his collection.
For a nice little getaway from the everyday you don’t need much. A clear mind, a loved one, a good book … and of course the perfect look. And that’s what the exclusive range of 04651/ offers, named after the area code of Sylt, the dreamy island in the North Sea. Founder Lars Braun puts it in a nutshell: “My idea was to design a collection that I would bring along for a trip in my own weekender.”04651/ presents a small but sophisticated selection of essentials for men.