04651 Sylt Men's Fashion Collection

One Weekend, one Bag.

You don’t need much for everyday escapes:  a clear head, a loved one, a good book… and of course the perfect look. That is exactly what you will find in our exclusive line 04651/, named after the area code of the North Sea paradise Sylt.

“A trip in a bag” is the philosophy of this collection. Brand CEO Lars Braun summarises the line’s stylistic focus: “Our idea was to design a collection around what I would take in my weekender if I were going on a holiday.”

In addition to their focus on choice fabrics, brilliant cuts and modern styles, 04651/ puts utmost attention to detail throughout their collections. Rich materials with a premium touch predominantly run through a garment-dyed process, a  method that guarantees a luscious colour scheme – an homage to the island of Sylt’s maritime heritage. Since Sylt is a very naturally preserved hot spot, 04651/  is now and will be exclusively manufacturing in Europe – with partners who share the same philosophy based in Portugal and Italy.

Lookbook Spring  Summer 2016