Autumn / Winter Collection 2020/21

A Trip in a Bag:
04651/ focuses on authentic, top-quality essentials inspired by the nature of the island of Sylt.

Sustainable from day one – all 04651/ collections have always been based on contemporary, topquality essentials. The unspoiled nature of the island of Sylt is the main source of inspiration for the North German label, which is now available at more than 80 retailers and hotels across Europe, the US and Canada.

The travel collection can be packed up in a flash, with no danger of creases and wrinkles, which makes it the perfect holiday wardrobe for a weekend by the sea or in the mountains. Understatement and a modern design, with garments made of organic cotton and recycled cashmere – all styles are exclusively manufactured in Italy or Portugal. Thus, 04651/ represents a long-lasting product for the conscious-minded customer.

A colour palette featuring Nordic blue shades, complemented by earthy tones such as camel, rusty red and a deep bottle green – natural colours and relaxed cuts result in a collection of understated menswear.

“For me, there is nothing that symbolises Sylt as much as their blue and white wicker beach chairs. Since they are completely unheard of in the Hamptons or any other place in the world outside of Germany, I had to explain the concept a lot during the past season, and yet it quickly became the statement symbol of the 04651/ collection – which is why we decided to expand the storyline for this season”, 04651/ CCO Mattias Garske explains. Whereas the wicker beach chair was a subtle detail on polo shirts in the last season, it will now also be applied to sweat garments and swim shorts, proving the label’s commitment to its North German heritage.

04651/ also extended the Breeze Story, which is a windbreaker fabric with a cashmere touch. Apart from the Breeze Breaker, a short blouson, the collection now also features the Breeze Blazer, the Breeze Pants and a Breeze Jacket.

Technical fabrics, reflective details and the highly functional design, but also the comfortable casual styles can all be packed up quickly without further ado, and guarantee a perfect look: this is the original 04651/ idea and still the inspiration for the new collection.

The Oyster Capsule

Luxury in every detail: Inspired by the Sylt oyster, referring to nature in its most original existence. Sanded by the seabed of the rough North Sea, the luxury of the Sylt Oyster is not visible for everyone at once, but surely noticeable for connoisseurs – a quiet luxury, reluctant yet self-evident.

The collection comprises just one key piece in every product group – all of them are carefully selected and luxurious down to the smallest detail. An extraordinary highlight are the buttons manufactured using the mother-of-pearl from the Sylt oyster, just like this season’s key material for the Oyster capsule collection, ice-cotton jersey.