Spring / Summer Collection 2020

‚A trip in a bag’ – 04651/ provides a travel collection and all the essentials for a spontaneous mini break. Finest quality, a particular closeness to nature and that touch of luxury – all packed up in a carry-all to spend a weekend on the most beautiful of all the islands of the North Sea – or on any other coast of the world.

The unspoiled nature of the island of Sylt is not only the main source of inspiration – those who’ve been to the most beautiful of all the islands in the North Sea may know that 04651/ is the telephone area code of Sylt. Finest fabrics, natural to the touch and quite simply luxurious, in colour palettes with a Nordic feel. The new collection surprises with a very deep colour palette: lima, Amazonia, Tamarillo, an earthy rusty red, and papaya – earthy nuances that draw their inspiration from the Portuguese nature complement our classic Nordic palette. All production is exclusively carried out in Portugal and Italy.

The cuts are relaxed and comfortable. “Alain Delon in ‘The Swimming Pool’ is the inspiration for our new camp collar. A Cuban collar that reminds us of the 70’s, but is yet very modern and wearable”, 04651/ brand manager Matthias Garske comments. The collection’s branding is – as always – very subtle and does not feature any bold elements.

All labels are small and understated. The whicker beach chair: Sylt would not be complete without the iconic whicker beach chair, which shelters visitors from wind and sun. These perfectly designed little homes away from home are the epitome of outdoor comfort and make your day by the sea an extraordinary experience. They are mostly unknown beyond the German border, but everyone who’s ever been to Sylt is familiar with the beautiful wicker beach chairs that feature on 04651/ polo shirts and swim shorts as a small logo.

Linen, cashmere and cotton styles are complemented by knitwear in a rice stitch look and cocoon yarns in a baby-cashmere look. Rainy days will be all the more comfortable in a water-resistant pea coat or a sailor jacket. Another addition to the line is the reissue of the breeze breaker, a light wind breaker that feels just like cashmere.

Tech materials, reflective details and functional wear, as well as the laid-back casual styles, can be packed up in a carry-all without much thinking, but will make for a perfect look: the original idea behind 04651/ and the main inspiration for every season.